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Interview Tips

Put your best foot forward! Be professional and well-prepared, but most importantly, be yourself!

Be specific
Elaborate your answer with real life examples (e.g. WHAT & HOW)

It's OK to ask questions
Remember it's a two-way conversation. Have questions prepared to check if we are the right fit for you and your career ambitions

Conduct research
Spend time to review the key responsibilities and accountabilities for the job; update yourself with respect to developments and challenges our industry faces and ensure that you understand the requirements of the role

Explore our Company and Culture
Take a look at our company website and social media channels to get a real time peek into our company mission and culture

Identify your core values – take time to reflect on what's important to you and what motivates you. You can use them as a guideline to work towards your goals and advance your career


What's the recruitment process? And how long does the entire process take?

Upon receiving your application, our recruiters will review your profile according to the position that you applied for, as well as any other relevant vacancies that we think might interest you. If you are considered as a suitable candidate for any position, we will contact you to arrange a telephone / video / in-person interview. In general, the recruitment process would usually include 1 to 3 rounds of interview with HR and relevant team members in 4 to 6 weeks.
If the position is not a suitable match, we appreciate your interest in Pfizer regardless and would encourage you to apply for any other opportunities. Please keep your profile up to date as we are always looking for new talents!

Does Pfizer prefer a degree in life science?

It depends on the job nature and requirements of the position that you apply for. If specific academic background (science / business related) is preferred, it will be clearly stated in the job description.

What qualities in particular are Pfizer looking for on prospective candidates?

Each role has a unique set of technical requirements but in general, we look for candidates who share the same core values with us – curious to learn, courageous to take on challenges, enjoy teamwork, take initiative to excel and most crucially possess passion and an innovative mindset to bring breakthroughs that change our patients' lives.

Any training programs for new hire?

At Pfizer, we strongly believe that continuous learning is fundamental to both the success of your career and our business. We offer comprehensive learning opportunities soon after you have joined the Pfizer family, including a wide range of online and in-person sharing sessions on company's background, team structures, product knowledge, policies & compliance, business technology, mentoring & coaching, and many other on-the-job trainings which you will be supported by your team and manager.

How do I find jobs that are currently available?

Please visit HERE for our current openings.

Do you have any interview tips to help me prepare?

Please visit HERE for the interview tips.

Is there any specific language criteria?

We always encourage colleagues to express themselves freely regardless of language differences. Our selection criteria depend on your overall skill set, your experience and what value you can add to the team. If a specific language is required, it will be clearly stated in the job description.

If I am an overseas candidate, will my chance of success be affected?

We value talents around the world. With Pfizer's strong digital capabilities, our assessment process will not be hindered by geographic boundaries. We will ensure fair assessments within the same timeline with other candidates who are based locally. Once a hiring decision is made, the onboarding timeline would be longer due to the work visa arrangements.

Where can I locate the product information?

Please visit HERE for our product portfolios.

Where can I find Pfizer's updates?

Please visit HERE for our latest company updates.

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