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In this era of information and knowledge, the patient's perspective is one of the most important aspects in the provision of quality healthcare. More and more healthcare professionals are working with their patients to achieve optimal health outcomes, driving a constructive evolution in the culture of healthcare across the world. Quality and patient-oriented healthcare is an objective we all strive to fulfill. 

Pfizer is fully committed to making quality healthcare a reality for patients in Hong Kong. We are a strong advocate for the five fundamental principles of quality patient care outlined by the International Alliance of Patients’ Organization (IAPO):

1. Respect
As an international city, Hong Kong’s patients come from a multitude of cultural and religious backgrounds. Respect for our patients and their family's needs, preferences, and values is intrinsic to achieving quality patient-oriented care in Hong Kong. The autonomy, independence, and fundamental rights of our patients must always be respected if quality healthcare is to be established.

2. Choice and empowerment
Quality healthcare means more than just providing safe medicine and treatment for our patients. When it comes time to making healthcare decisions, patients have the right and responsibility to participate according to their own ability and preference. Choice and empowerment mean they have full autonomy when it comes to decisions that affect their own health.

3. Patient involvement in the health policy
Quality and patient-centric healthcare cannot be achieved in Hong Kong without patients' meaningful participation and involvement in the design of healthcare policies. Patients and patient organizations should be invited to contribute at all levels and decision-making points. This can ensure that our policies can truly reflect and answer the needs of those affected the most. 

4. Access and support
Safe and appropriate medicines, treatments, patient care services, and preventive care are the bedrock of quality patient care in Hong Kong. In addition, measures such as health promotion activities must be prioritized and reinforced with ample resources to ensure that all patients can access the appropriate treatments and receive medical support whenever they need it.

5. Information
Up-to-date information with unfaltering accuracy can empower patients and their families to make educated healthcare decisions and assist them in living with a condition on a daily basis. Quality patient healthcare also requires the public to become aware of and educated on health issues. Access to information is also the starting point of any preventive healthcare.

By maintaining a focus on quality, outcomes and enhancing access to appropriate integrated care, we can empower patients and their families to participate actively and achieving more positive outcome.

Pfizer Hong Kong advocate a participatory approach in disease management, working through alliances to provide support, education and resources for the patient community.

Ensuring Quality Patient Care in Hong Kong 

Established in 1956, Pfizer’s Hong Kong office had always strived to work for a healthier world by providing reliable and quality products to the city and assisting local healthcare professionals in providing appropriate and effective treatment for patients.

Our dedication to ensuring quality patient care for the people of Hong Kong is exemplified in various avenues that extend far beyond our products and services. Our team is constantly working to discover and develop innovative, safe, and effective ways to prevent and treat some of the world's most challenging diseases and provide educational resources for the public on health issues, and voicing our opinion on healthcare matters.

Learn more about Pfizer’s work and our community, and take part in our effort to ensure quality patient care in Hong Kong.

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