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Pfizer 168‧Family‧Health

Pfizer 168-Family-Health

Pfizer’s scientific research has spanned for more than 168 years. With its extensive experiences, Pfizer continues to provide holistic care to every family.

 Trust in Our Quality Management

Since its establishment more than 168 years ago, Pfizer has proven its strength in the field of scientific research, along with its commitment in quality management - providing patients with confidence; fulfilling the promise of quality assurance. The 168th anniversary denotes a crucial milestone for Pfizer Hong Kong, which is why we initiated the ‘168-Family-Health’ programme to extend our care for individuals to the overall health of every family.

‘Family’ is at the heart of our initiative being the most important core value of our project. In the Chinese language, ‘Family’ and ‘Plus’ are homophonic, synergistically representing the concepts of ‘growth’ and ‘sustainability’. We begin with a focus on the health of our colleagues and their families. Progressively, with the support of our partners such as healthcare professionals and patients, we spread the concept of health management to every family and the society as a whole in order to create a prosperous healthier future.  

Health management is a continuous process with many indispensable components. Pfizer has the broadest range of medications that cater the many different needs of every family- from disease prevention to health protection; from chronic illnesses to critical conditions. With an extensive portfolio, we cater to the health needs of patients at different stages in life, starting from birth to their later years. All in all, Pfizer is committed and dedicated to building a healthier Hong Kong .