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Patient Centred

In this era of information and knowledge, the patient’s perspective is one of the most important aspects in the provision of quality healthcare. More and more healthcare professionals are working with their patients to achieve optimal health outcomes, driving a constructive evolution in the culture of healthcare across the world.

Serving the People who Matter the Most

Pfizer Hong Kong fully embraces the 5 principles of patient-centered healthcare that International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations is advocating, including:

  1. Respect
  2. Choice and empowerment
  3. Patient involvement in health policy
  4. Access and support
  5. Information

By maintaining a focus on quality, outcomes and enhancing access to appropriate, integrated care, we can empower patients and their families to participate actively and achieving more positive outcome.

Taking Action for Health

Committing to patient-centered healthcare also means encouraging healthy, proactive lifestyles to reduce preventable diseases. Pfizer Hong Kong regularly supports public health campaigns in addition to collaborating with health professionals in preventive and wellness promotion efforts. We advocate a participatory approach in disease management, working through alliances to provide support, education and resources for the patient community.

We believe partnership with healthcare professionals, patient groups, carers and government is essential to live the value of patient-centered healthcare towards a healthier tomorrow.