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Pharmaceutical companies employ strict quality management processes for their drugs and medicines, and Pfizer is no exception. To ensure the safety and efficacy of our products, every step of our manufacturing and distributing process is administered with diligent attention to detail.  

From sourcing high-quality ingredients to shipping out our products and providing customer support, few pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world meet higher quality management standards than Pfizer. The medical community universally acknowledges our ability to produce in high volume without ever sacrificing quality. We have long established ourselves as one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies in Hong Kong and across the world, as our excellent quality management allows doctors and patients to use Pfizer products with full confidence and peace of mind.

Our Dedication to Quality Management

On average, developing a new drug requires:

Laboratory Tests

Clinical Trials

Laboratory Tests

Laboratory Tests

High Quality Ingredients
We choose our pharmaceutical
ingredients under the guidelines of 
The International Pharmacopoeia

High Quality Facilities
We manufacture under
internationally recognized
standards and guidelines0

Detail-oriented Management
We exceed international
standards on production
and management

Environmentally Conscious
We employ and execute
under eco-friendly
manufacturing guidelines

Authorized and Registered
Our products are registered
and authorized by
international health organizations

Quality Assurance and Consistency
Each batch of products
are COA certified

Strict Sanitary Standards
We follow strict guidelines to
maintain sterile and aseptic

High Standard Quality Control
We fulfill quality
requirements within each
step of production

Exceptional Logistics Partners
We employ strict requirements
on storage, handling,
temperature and humidity to
ensure quality of our products

Safety Guaranteed
We take product inspection and
customer support very seriously

Our Promise to Patients

Pfizer understands the needs of chronic patients. We try our best to help  them by providing these resources:

Medical Hotline

Expert assistance
for your questions
and enquiries.

Quality Assurance
Strict standards to
ensure the quality of 
our products.

Drug Safety
Strict requirements
toensure our drugs
are safe to use.

Health Management
We help educate the 
public and share the 

Drug Development
We continue to research
and improve new and
existing treatments. 

Quality Sources
We use the best 
sources that meet 
international standards.

Medicines You can Trust 

In 2021, Pfizer’s medicines and vaccines reached an estimated 1.4 billion patients – that’s more than one out of six people in the entire world¹. Few pharmaceutical companies in the industry garner the same level of confidence and trust from the global community of patients; this is a strong testament to the quality management of Pfizer’s drugs and medicines.  

Looking forward, climate change and the recent pandemic are an alarming reminder that humanity’s future challenges might be global in scale and devastating in nature. Pfizer, along with other pharmaceutical companies in the industry, must continue to prioritize quality management and keep up with the world’s rising expectations. We will continue to adapt and utilize new technology to ensure that our researchers, facilities, and logistic network can always respond instantly to new emergencies and bring quality pharmaceutical products to wherever they are needed in the world.  

  1. Pfizer 2021 Annual Review. Available at: Last accessed May 2022. 

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