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Product Verification System

If the product has security label (below) on the box, you can verify it through SMS or online instantly.

New Vclub​​​​​​​ verification label
Asset 20.png
Original verification label
Asset 30.png

Please be assured that both labels are valid and genuine for verification!


Peel off the top layer of the label, you will find a 15-digit verification code at the bottom layer (see above). You may verify the product through either:

Asset 40.png
Method 1: SMS Verification
  • Send out the code via SMS to 6011-1234 to our verification center#
  • You will receive a reply message via SMS, which will tell you whether the Celebrex™ 200 mg 30's / Lipitor® / Norvasc™ / Viagra* is genuine
​​​​​​​#SMS Verification is only available within Hong Kong area, please use Online Verification outside Hong Kong
Note: The 2-D barcode is not for verification purpose
Asset 50.png
Method 2: Online Verification
  • Input the 15-digit code to the white text box below and click "Validate"
  • Your product will be verified and you will see a summary of your product on the screen
15-digit verification code is NOT case sensitive​​​​​​​


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