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Patient safety is of paramount importance throughout the life cycle of a medicine - and pharmaceutical companies have ethical and regulatory responsibilities to monitor the safety of the products they sell for as long as they are used by consumers anywhere in the world. The Drug Safety Unit at Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Ltd. addresses product experience reports, including adverse events. If you have any experience pertinent to the above, please contact us at (852) 2811 9711 as soon as possible. 

Our Commitment to Product Safety

Medications and treatments can not benefit our patients if their safety is not guaranteed. Pfizer is currently one of the largest producing pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, with products distributed to over one billion patients in 2021¹.   

To ensure the safety of our patients, Pfizer holds its safety standards to the most stringent criteria within the pharmaceutical industry. Our commitment to safe and effective medicines gins in the research laboratory and continues for as long as the medicine is prescribed to patients anywhere in the world, including Hong Kong.   

​​​Each and every one of Pfizer’s products have undergone multiple rounds of clinical trials and drug safety monitoring before being distributed to doctors and their patients. Our facilities and staff maintain the highest standards for safety and efficacy amongst the pharmaceutical industry, and we are rightfully uncompromising when it comes to the responsibility of protecting our patients.  

Using Pfizer Products Safely

While the pharmaceutical industry assumes strict standards of drug safety for existing products and medications, it is still important for doctors and patients to be aware of specific safety protocols and take an active role in ensuring safe use. As a pharmaceutical company, Pfizer’s ultimate goal is to create safe and effective medicines for everyone, but beyond our own safety monitoring, doctors and medical institutions also play an important role in ensuring drug safety for patients. It is important for patients to understand the risks and potential side effects of the drugs they are using and follow their usage instructions as strictly as possible. 

You can learn more about the safe usage and handling of your drugs and medication through Pfizer’s tips and Q&A section here

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