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Pfizer is a global leader in developing vaccines and immunization treatments for various bacterial infections and diseases, including cancer. In advancing the coverage and quality of our vaccines, we aim to build and strengthen the bedrock of our healthcare system and bring substantial improvements to the prevention of diseases on a global scale. 

Vaccines are one of the greatest public health advancements of all time, resulting in the control, elimination, or near-elimination of numerous infectious diseases that were once pervasive and often fatal. Pfizer has a rich history in vaccine research and development. Over the years, we've played a pivotal role in eliminating or nearly eliminating deadly infectious diseases like smallpox and polio globally. We have designed novel vaccines based on new delivery systems and technologies that have resulted in vaccines to prevent bacterial infections, like those caused by S. pneumoniae and N. meningitidis.

We are optimistic about the broad potential to bring the benefits of vaccines to every age group, protecting a person throughout his or her entire life. Our vaccine research and development efforts are focused on three areas: Addressing high impact infectious diseases, expanding the benefits of maternal immunization and investigating cancer vaccines.  

Vaccines and Immunization Treatments 

Pfizer's vaccine products have helped provide immunization, therapy, and treatment for various bacterial infections and diseases in Hong Kong for many years. Pfizer's vaccines are universally trusted by doctors, experts, and the medical community to provide natural, safe, long-lasting immunizations. Our products are found in all major hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions throughout Hong Kong and the rest of the world.  

Our vaccine research and development program aims to establish newer and improved standards of immunization for various diseases and bacterial infections. We are currently advancing our vaccines and constantly seeking progress in these developments in order to help tackle the most challenging diseases faced by the medical industry today. 

Maternal Immunization 

Pfizer is at the forefront of the development of maternal immunization vaccines. Our team is focused on advancing maternal vaccines against diseases that pose a significant threat to infants shortly after birth. We are constantly leveraging our many years of scientific expertise to help protect mothers and their babies with newer and better products that can shield them from existing and newly discovered illnesses. 

For many years, Pfizer’s vaccines have been prized as the pinnacle of maternal immunization by doctors and their patients in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. We continue to improve our work in this field with the goal of helping to give millions of babies around the world a better chance of surviving devastating infectious diseases. 

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