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Rare diseases are conditions that affect a smaller percentage of our overall population. Although rare diseases are generally genetic disorders that affect fewer patients in our community, but they are often life-threatening or chronically debilitating for the individuals that are affected¹. Due to a smaller market, there is often a lack of support and resources available for scientists to research and discover treatments and therapies for rare diseases in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. As a result, rare disease patients often find themselves in a helpless situation where treatment and therapy are unavailable². This is a global challenge that the medical industry must confront, and Pfizer is stepping up to take a leading role by actively enhancing our research and making our resources more accessible to patients everywhere in the world.   
At Pfizer Rare Disease, we focus on smaller patient populations, but aspire for big impact. We strive to fundamentally transform what it means to live with a rare disease.

At Pfizer Rare Disease, we focus on smaller patient populations, but aspire for big impact. We strive to fundamentally transform what it means to live with a rare disease.  

We merge pioneering science with a deep understanding of the underlying disease pathology to deliver innovative treatments. With over three decades of experience in rare disease, our broad global rare disease portfolio aims to address the unmet medical needs across a number of therapeutic areas, including hematology, neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, and inherited metabolic diseases. Every year, Pfizer dedicates enormous effort to the development of newer and better treatment for patients with rare genetic disease in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. 

Pfizer is working to pioneer gene therapy breakthroughs that can change patients' lives. We hope to unlock the promise of gene therapy for patients worldwide living with rare genetic diseases for whom the current standard of care falls short. If successful, imagine the possibilities.  

Envisioning Patient-Centered Healthcare

Pfizer Hong Kong has always taken a patient-centric approach in designing and developing all our research, products, and services. No matter how small a population is affected by rare genetic diseases, our commitment to bringing accessible treatment and therapy for these patients remain unchanged. 

The Pfizer Rare Disease team is making an all-out effort in bringing significant progress to the research of rare diseases and gene therapy so that more patients in Hong Kong and around the world could benefit. Learn more about Pfizer’s philosophy and our work inside the community here

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