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Millions of patients and their families worldwide are battling cancer every day. With an aging population, the number of new cancer cases are expected to rise in Hong Kong, where better treatment, therapy, and medicines are a stringent need¹. New developments in oncology and cancer research are rapidly emerging to meet these needs. Pfizer is working to transform the landscape of cancer treatment and significantly improve the lives of cancer patients in Hong Kong and the rest of the world.   

At Pfizer, we strive to make significant contributions to oncology and bring innovative cancer research and treatments to the forefront by developing therapies that provide maximum efficacy while minimizing adverse effects for the patient. We are constantly at the vanguard of ontological research to provide impactful changes to the treatment and therapy of cancer in Hong Kong. 
We want to transform the landscape of cancer treatment and significantly improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide.
Although traditional cancer-fighting tools like chemotherapy2 and radiation3 remain important treatment options for doctors and patients, they come at the cost of tremendous adverse effects that often become a depleting physical and psychological burden for both the patient and their family. To mitigate these expenses, scientists are constantly working to uncover new approaches to attack cancer cells directly and more effectively. With recent clinical success in immunotherapy reshaping the field of oncology, the prospects for more durable and even curative responses to many cancers are on the horizon.    

The key to cancer treatment is not just to understand how cancer cells behave on their own, but to learn how they evade the body's immune system and existing treatments. Pfizer's pipeline of potential cancer medicines includes differentiated therapies with multiple mechanisms of action that target both the tumor itself and the immune system. We are investigating medicines for breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, gastric cancer, ovarian cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and hematologic malignancies, including leukemias and lymphomas. The Pfizer team is also focussing its research on metastatic breast cancer treatment and therapy. Visit Thrive Hong Kong’s website here to learn more. 

In our efforts to bring better medicine, treatment, and therapy to cancer patients in Hong Kong, Pfizer is partnering with various patient groups and non-profit organizations to extend the reach of our patient assistance program. The medication assistance program covers a range of medicines and treatments for cancer and other chronic diseases. We continue to expand its scope to benefit more patients in need. Learn more about Pfizer's philosophy and our work inside the community here

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