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Pfizer Hong Kong Received “Joyful@Healthy Workplace” Awards



(1 March, 2018) Pfizer Hong Kong strongly believes that a caring community is to be brought by joyful employees. Therefore, we pledge to promote physical and mental wellbeing through our ‘Caring Hearts’ programme whereby enhances the productivity and competitiveness of the company.

The Joyful@Healthy Workplace was jointly launched by the Department of Health and Occupational Safety and Health Council in 2016. It is one of the major programmes under the Joyful@HK ​​​​​​​ Campaign to further promote wholesomeness focusing on healthy eating, physical activity and mental well-being. Its awards recognize and encourage companies for their holistic effort in implementing health initiatives.

This year, we are honored to have been awarded with the Innovative Improvement Award, Grand Award and Best Performance Award. These recognitions endorse our passionate care towards our employees’ health and our dedication in providing a joyful and healthy workplace.

At Pfizer Hong Kong, we strive to cultivate a people-centered ‘CARE’ culture, which stands for Communication, Aspiration, Reward & Recognition, and Empowerment & Encouragement. Many of our policies and campaigns are built to encourage a work-life balance among staff.

At Pfizer, we put firm emphasis on the company’s working culture and encourage events that help achieve salubrious lives inside and outside office. Internally, not only do we have our own social platform where colleagues can express their care and appreciation for each other, but we also have a “Parents & Pets” club which organizes regular family-friendly activities. Besides, we have 8 sport teams, “Happy Monday” staff meetings, “Employees Assistance Program” and “Smiling Campaign”. Outside the company, we have organized mental health workshops, promoted positive mentality through our 2018 Desktop Calendar and launched a mobile application, “Moodigo”, for mental health management.

Pfizer Hong Kong truly believes that colleagues are important assets for the company. If we take good care of the employees, the company will be taken care of itself. By building a healthy and sustainable working environment, not only does it help increase their sense of belongings, but it also strengthens their productivity and engagement, further raising the corporate competitiveness as a whole. Looking forward, we will continue our commitment in investing in our human capitals and build a delightful workplace for our colleagues.

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