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(December 31, 2015) While it is every company’s responsibility to provide a pleasant working environment, Pfizer Hong Kong believes happy colleagues are fundamental for an outstanding enterprise. In recognition of its dedication in fostering a happy and healthy workplace, Pfizer Hong Kong is commended with the Happy Company Award for the third consecutive year since the award inception in 2013.

The “Happy Workplace” Award is launched by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation (PHIF) since 2013. It is a well-recognized scheme which evaluates companies’ measurement and policy under four areas that affect 'Happiness-at-work', namely 'Corporate Love', 'Corporate Insight', 'Corporate Fortitude' and 'Corporate Engagement'. The scheme showcases the “Happy Workplace” identities of Hong Kong organizations which are committed to create a positive workplace environment and culture for the employees.

Pfizer Hong Kong pledges to build an engaging workplace and raise the happiness-at-work through many of the company’s unique initiatives. Our people-oriented culture is rooted in trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism and is best described by our CARE Culture, with emphasis on “Communication, Aspiration, Reward and Encouragement” in supporting colleagues’ all-rounded development and welfare. Colleagues also take lead and participate in four different core values teams which providing platforms for them to develop hobbies and to unleash potentials.

As in the wisdom of our Chinese character of enterprise “企”, a company ceases without people. Take good care of the employees and the company will be taken care of itself. By building a joyous workplace to our colleagues, it not only increases their sense of belongings, but also strengthens their productivity and engagement, and raise the corporate competitiveness as a whole. Pfizer Hong Kong is committed to continue investing in our human capitals and building a delightful workplace for our colleagues. 

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